Our eco-friendly Hotel in Arabba in the Dolomites

For love of the environment

The Hotel Alpenrose in Arabba is very attentive to eco-sustainability and efficient use of resources. We have therefore received the eco-label

  • we buy electricity from renewable sources
  • we use energy saving lamps wherever possible
  • our faucets have flow limiters and our water-stop systems toilets
  • separate waste collection - organic waste, paper, glass, metal, plastics, special waste
  • we use reusable packaging and we give up monoportio
  • possibly a large part of the food products used comes from the region.
  • we use only natural flavorings such as aromatic herbs and oils
  • throughout the structure we use detergents with low environmental impact
  • instead of chemical deodorants, we use natural aromatic oils
  • our cosmetic line of the house is organic and made with plants and regional ingredients
  • the guest decides when to change the towels in the room
  • electric bike rental service
  • Transfer service to the airport with a fully electric car with a limit of 4 people for a comfortable journey
  • We use recycled paper and do not use colored toner
  • The straws are made of pressed cardboard like the customized pens of the Hotel
  • Disposable plastic cups available in the room have been replaced by daily polycarbonate ones