Our family

In welcoming you to our Hotel, we want to give a brief presentation of our family and tell you the story of the birth of the Alpen Rose.

My husband, Paolo Delmonego, current Chef of our kitchen, after twenty years of experience, cultivated the idea of having a place all his own where he could express himself professionally.

With his brothers he decided to buy the land in this new developing area.

The decision was not easy for the economic, work and organizational commitment, since I, Betty, Paolo's wife, was waiting for our fourth child.

Construction began in the summer of 2003 and ended in December 2003, after so many ups and downs, we managed to start with the first winter season of our life as "Hoteliers".

The seasons were increasingly intense and difficult, especially with the beginning of the crisis in Italy, but we managed to overcome a thousand obstacles with stubbornness and sacrifice trying to cure, as far as possible, the stay of our guests.

Now we have 5 children and we have become grandparents for the first time.

In our family the traditions and culture of our areas are increasingly rooted.

For this reason we would like you to immerse yourself in contact with nature during your stay, in this small village where you will find the real rest to be able to regenerate and recharge.


Betty – The Owner